Web DevelopmentWeb Development

In my mind, website development refers to a whole web project including market research, researching potential problems and solutions, web design and follow up through out the sites marketing phase.

Web Research

A business needs a solid, well researched plan to introduce a product(s) or service to the internet market, and having the expertise to create a plan that grows and adapts will make the difference between success and failure.  You should know who your potential competition is, are they killing it or are they missing out on potential sales?  If they are doing great, you need to find out how and why, and be prepared to do better than them.  Studying your competition will help you determine what kinds of marketing expenses will be involved in your project and will provide you insight into how to set up your own marketing campaign.

Project Requirements

Planning a project involves laying out the groundwork and detailing a step by step process to accomplish your goal.  After the initial research is done and you have determined that the project is viable, the next step should be determining the budget.  Advertising, marketing, web design, content creation, multimedia, outside SEO, web hosting and ongoing support are all included so there aren’t any surprises down the road that will put you over budget as that can derail the final outcome.  Some large projects will require the use of sub-contractors and they should also be included in the early stages of planning so you can establish a concrete set of terms such as what they are responsible for, how you are going to integrate their solutions and what the extra cost will be.

Web Design & Testingdevelopment

Designing a quality, responsive website is the next step in the process.  Creating an appealing and compelling website design to suit the product or service and using modern search engine optimization techniques is a priority.  This is a crucial stage as mistakes at this point can cause trouble down the road.  At this point we may be using a copywriter to ensure the ad copy is compelling and professionally edited.  If there are complex graphical elements included there may also be a need for a freelance artist.  After the site has been developed, thorough testing is down across various browser platforms and mobile devices.  Pulling together all of the above criteria to satisfy the needs of the project by writing clean, optimized code will ensure the site is ready for the future.

Launch & Web Marketing

Not lunch, not yet anyway… it’s launch time!  While the site was going through the design phase we were busy developing a marketing campaign.  Using the research data we devise a plan using every platform and social media tool at our disposal.  A lot of social media marketing can be done with very little cost, it’s mostly just time spent.  Traditional advertising on platforms such as Goggle and Facebook require planning and discipline to achieve results and it costs money and time but the rewards can be worth it if the campaign is executed with enough research and planning.  There are many other opportunities to advertise online and offline but by this point we will have chosen our initial strategy and we can adapt it as needed.

Ongoing Support

Assuming the launch is a big success and we have narrowed down our target demographic we can look ahead to other market and explore areas we may be lacking.  Being able to adapt with market trends is essential for long term success online.  At this point we have a lot of valuable data from our initial campaigns and spotting other opportunities is that much easier with our own market research.  We can also use feedback from customers to refine the website, the ad copy and marketing.  Ongoing support may include website upgrades and maintenance, content creation, social media or an ongoing advertising campaign.

If this sound like something your interested in, give me a call and we can sit down and go over your options