You have a few questions?  I’ll give some answers to the most common questions I get.

Why do I need a website?

Having your own website allows you to keep your customers informed and updated on your your latest products and services.  Depending on your type of business there may be a lot more to gain in terms of sales and National or International exposure.  A website will allow you to market your products in a live environment and give you the flexibility to make changes and updates instantly.  Even if your just using it as a basic business information vehicle you will benefit from the increased internet exposure

I don’t see a price list…what’s this going to cost me?

I don’t list prices simply because there are too many variables that go into a creating a website to make an accurate quote without establishing all your requirements.  You may just need a small business site with 5 pages or you may need a full E-commerce solution with a custom back end and need your staff to be trained on the system.   Trying to build a site without knowing exactly what the customer needs in advance is doing the customer a disservice in my opinion.   I am very reasonable, can work with almost any budget and do my best to make sure you understand, upfront, exactly what you are paying for.

How long will it take to build my site?

That depends on the scope of your project.  You can expect a typical site to take 2 weeks to build, sometimes it can take 4-6 weeks depending on the size of the site.  Again there are too many variables when creating a website to give a time frame without knowing what your needs are but we can discuss the time frame when we talk about your requirements and I have some information.

Can you help me, my website is broken/needs updating/was made in 1997?

Yes I can!  I can repair or update your site or create a new one based on your old one.  When you re-design a site it’s important not to lose all of your search engine ranking that the site has built up over the years.  With careful planning and attention to detail your new site will be just a strong as your old one ( it will just look new ). 

Do you write all the content for my site?

No.  If you need articles written for your site I hire a professional writer to take care of that.  I usually write for own websites only (so if you see anything amiss on this site, it’s all my own doing, ha) There are a few top notch writers that I can count on to write high quality content at a reasonable price.  Blog posts, magazine quality articles, press releases, ad copy, technical articles and more can be researched and written for a fraction of what it would cost for me to do it (in terms of time).  Plus the content is passed through an editor for grammar and then myself for any tweaks that might be needed.  I will sometimes write ad copy and smaller chunks of content myself if it makes sense to do it.

I want a personal blog can you hook me up?

Of course!  I use WordPress a lot lately as they offer a lot features that are built in and offer the flexibility of a built in content management system.  Personal blogs can be a lot of fun to design. 

I need a domain name and host right?

That is correct.  If you don’t have a domain I will help you find one.  Sometimes you won’t be able to get the one you want because it has been taken already but I will search for other options if need be.  I can offer hosting through the company I use, they offer a good price, are scalable, and have been rock solid for me.  I can also manage all of the above for a small monthly or yearly fee (domain/hosting/management).  Whatever suits you best.

I not sure I understand all this web site stuff can we talk about it?

We sure can.  I know that a lot of business owners don’t have the time to learn about the internet but hey keep hearing that they should have one.  I am available to talk almost anytime and can answer your questions honestly.  I won’t try to sell you on a website unless I believe it’s worth your time and money.  Sometimes a simple solution is the best one and not every business needs a custom web solution.  If you know you need a website and want to talk about how to promote your business online but want things explained in English so you understand exactly what’s happening let’s talk.  If I am close enough to your location we can meet in person to go over your concerns face to face.

I’m sure there are some unanswered questions, if so, contact me and ask away!