I offer a wide variety of web design services for individuals and businesses large and small. Whether you are just looking for a unique design for your personal blog or need a large E-commerce store with a fresh design, I can help. Choosing a design can be a daunting task, personal taste is highly subjective but I will go over the options with you and offer my advice based on extensive research and the goals you want to accomplish.  I’m a big fan of Responsive web design and believe designing with mobile devices in mind is just common sense in most cases.

designFirst we will go over your basic goals for your site.

  • Who are you trying to reach
  • What is the purpose of the site?
  • What message do you want to communicate?
  • What kind of social media do you want to integrate?
  • Are you going to need a shopping/payment solution?
  • Do you want me to manage the site once it is live?

Once I have this information I will do any research needed and come back with some suggestions and solutions depending on what your budget is for the project.  At that point we can finalize the time frame and what exactly I will be responsible for.

Now it’s time to decide on the look and feel of your site and settle on a color scheme and the other design elements like your business logo, photo’s ect…  I’ll take that information above along with your ideas and put together a preliminary design so you can get an idea of what you can expect.  We can go over any changes you would like to see and come together with a design that is effective and stylish and accomplishes the goals that we set.

At this point I will complete the website to our agreed upon specifications, adding in all the technical elements and proceed to the testing phase.  Once the site has been thoroughly tested I will get your final approval and the launch the site.  If we are pursuing a marketing campaign or are contracting me for ongoing content then we can begin setting the promotional aspects motion.


Contact me and we can discuss your goals.