Proffesional Web DesignWhy should you pay for a web designer when you can buy a template from a hosting company and just fill in the blanks?  That’s a good question and it deserves a good explanation.

When you hire a company like you’re getting a lot more than a cookie cutter web site.  You hiring someone who is going to working with you and designing something that’s going to be a representation of your business or your personal style.  For starters websites built from templates look like they were built from a template, they have preset styling conditions built right in from the beginning.  You can personalize them to an extent but the overall result looks less than impressive.  If your serious enough to present your business on the internet, you should understand that your website is a preview of your business and first impressions can mean the difference between a potential customer vs. a customer.

Hiring a professional will allow you to work hand in hand with a designer who has experience and understands how to create a visually appealing design that meets your needs and conveys the message you want to impart to your customers.  You can be as involved as you want, if you don’t have the time or interest but need to make an impact on the web, you can leave it to me and I’ll show you some mock ups and you pick and choose what you like.  You won’t need to worry about the details as I will make every effort to satisfy your needs and will revise until you are happy with the results.

Aside from the aesthetics, hiring a real web company will ensure your site actually works and has been tested for cross browser compatibility,usability, speed, errors and performs well on mobile devices.  You should also expect your site be optimized for search engines which is something that can make or break a website in terms of being able to attract visitors.  A poorly constructed web site that has been built without SEO (search engine optimization) in mind might as well be a tiny line in a phone book because virtually nobody will see it.

One the best reasons for hiring a web designer/developer is that you can expect to get real customer service.  That means you can call me, Skype me, email me and I’ll personally be the one who addresses any concerns you have and I will be the person responsible for your site.  You won’t have to talk to a call center and then a technician who passes the information to someone else.  I think everyone who has ever tried to get a hold of a customer service department has a bad experience at one time or another.  You won’t have to worry about that.

I work on everything from personal blogs to big development projects and everything between so if your looking for a quality website contact me.